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Displaying real time data metrics

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Displaying real time data metrics


CameraKart customer dashboard provides a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for businesses to monitor and analyze key metrics related to their operations and customer interactions

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Premium features & integrations

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AttentionKart uses AI-driven emotion and behavior monitoring to optimize customer interactions and operations. Ideal for retail, hospitality, and automotive services.

Dashboard Overview

> Real-Time Monitoring: Live feed from all installed cameras. > Key Metrics Summary : Quick view of critical metrics such as total footfalls.

Footfall Analysis

> Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports: sual graphs and charts showing footfall trends over different periods. > Peak Times Identification: Analysis of the busiest times of day.

Customer Behavior Insights

> Heat Maps: Visual representation of customer movement patterns within the store. > Dwell Time Analysis: Average time customers spend in different sections.

Image Processing Algorithms

> In/Out Monitoring: Real-time data on the number of Objects entering and exiting. > Time Spent Analysis: Detailed analytics on the time each object spends.

Operational Efficiency

> Staff Allocation: Insights on optimal staff deployment based on customer traffic. > Service Efficiency: Data on average service times.

Integration and Export

> Data Export: Export data and reports in various formats (CSV, PDF) for further analysis. > API Integration: Seamless integration with existing CRM and POS systems.

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