Emo Eats

Emoeats customer dashboard to help users track performance and manage their interactions effectively:

  1. Meal Recommendation Acceptance Rate:
    • Measures the percentage of meal recommendations accepted by the user, indicating the relevancy and accuracy of the suggestions.
  2. User Engagement Rate:
    • Tracks user interactions with the platform, such as logging moods, reviewing meals, and customizing preferences.
  3. Dietary Goal Achievement:
    • Monitors how often users meet their dietary goals through the recommended meals, important for users focused on health or fitness outcomes.
  4. Order Frequency:
    • Displays the frequency of orders placed through the app, providing insight into user reliance and habit formation with the service.
  5. Average Spending Per Order:
    • Shows the average amount spent per order, which helps users manage their food budget effectively.
  6. Nutritional Insights:
    • Provides a breakdown of nutritional intake based on the meals consumed, such as calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, supporting users in achieving balanced diets.
  7. Customer Feedback Score:
    • Aggregates user ratings and feedback on meal quality, taste, and service, helping to gauge overall satisfaction.
  8. Order History:
    • A detailed log of past orders, including meal details, order dates, and spending, useful for tracking eating habits and expenditures.
  9. Favorite Meals Tracker:
    • Lists the meals most frequently ordered or highest rated by the user, useful for quick reordering and understanding personal taste preferences.
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